Sneaker Style: Print Midi Skirt and Superga 2750 Review

tellmeyblog - superga 2750 + h&m midi skirt (3)Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! To be honest, I can’t even remember when the last time I wore sneakers for non-fitness activities was. Since I was trying to motivate myself to walk more (hello, Fitbit goal 10,000 steps a day), I went on a quest to find chic and comfy sneakers. And I found Superga.

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Casual Glam: Striped Layers Skirt and Lace-Up Heels

DSC09795I always have a soft spot for lace-up details in shoes. Therefore, this year’s lace-up pointy-toes flats and heels trend is right up my alley! For those who are following my Instagram, you might have seen these beauts already. Yes, these babies are (one of) the latest addition to my growing lace-up shoes family!

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Girl In Black Challenge Day 2: Black and Rose Gold

DSC02440Saturday should be a time for fun and play. But instead of dressing up to go out, so many of my friends in Hong Kong go onto the streets and fight for what we believe. Therefore, I created this night time look in black and rose gold in the hope of one day we canย party together in our home town with true democracy.

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