This Bracelet Will Kick Start Your New Year Resolution In Style

DSC00276Those who have been reading my blog for a while would probably have noticed I am always wearing a Fitbit Flex. A couple months ago, my beloved Fitbit Flex has stopped working. So Mr. D got me a replacement as well as a Fitbit Flex bracelet from Bezels & Bytes for Christmas.

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Make a Case: These Android Phone Cases Won’t Bore You to Death

IMG_20150910_023809I am all about trying the next beauty products in town or shopping with different fashion labels. But when it comes to tech gadgets, my loyalty stays with Sony. I have a Sony tablet, Sony cameras, and I always go back to Sony for smartphones. Yes, I’m proud to say I am a Sony girl. However, we fellow non-iPhone users always get shied away by all those pretty iPhone cases in the market. Forget about the boring solid rubber covers. Here are some retailers who do gorgeous cases for both iPhones and Andrioid phones. Start browsing and grab yourself one (or more) to fall in love once again with your phone!

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