Gloomy Floral: Jacaranda and Print Crop Top

DSC09344Sydneysiders would have noticed the purple bloom of Jacaranda is in full swing at the moment. The weather might have been rainy all week, but that didn’t stop the city from being awash by these bright purple patches. And the profusion of the flowers inspired me to build today’s outfit!

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Casual Floral: Soft Trench and Wedge Sneakers

DSC07438Sometimes I get asked the question if I wear those outfits in my blog in real life. The answer is YES. To me, my outfit posts are a true representation of my personal style. They also give me motivations to be creative in mix-and-matching. Earlier this year, I have styled this floral print soft trench for a work-appropriate look. Today, I re-styled it for a more casual ensemble to cruise around the city.

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Sports Luxe: Sweater Dress X Dion Lee for Target

DSC06309 (2)Growing up as a girl who likes her basketball more than her makeup (I didn’t buy my first makeup set till I was 19…), I always have a soft spot for the Sports Luxe trend. I wish there were such a thing in my teenage years, so that I would have enjoyed wearing my athletic gear but still feel feminie. God bless those designers who incorporate mesh and jersey into daily wear. With a couple simple styling tricks, we can finally rock that comfy sweater dress whenever we want.

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