CNY’s Brights: Denim Shirt and Yellow Lace Circular Midi Skirt

H&M denim shirt and H&M yellow lace circular skirt (1)A lot of you know about the tradition of wearing red on Chinese New Year. Since red is not really my colour, I picked something bright instead.

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13 Holiday Season Essentials for High and Low Budgets

PhotoGrid_1448777909438The festive season is all about parties and reunions. But it’s also the busiest time of the year – rushing for deadlines at work, making holiday plans, buying pressies for everyone, and finding the right outfit for every single party/get-together you are going to attend… Just thinking about these is giving you a headache? Don’t worry, ahead are 13 essentials for both high and low budgets that will get you through this holiday season and beyond.

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