These 3 Beauty Buys Will Make You a Nude Makeup Guru

DSC09606As a beauty addict, I am constantly searching for the next bold, fun and innovative eyeshadow palette or lippie. However, when it comes to my face, I like to keep it to a bare minimum. A face makeup product that smoothes my skin out, evens my skin tone, and leaves me nothing but a naturally glowing face is like meeting Mr Right. Here are my three perfect matches in the non-foundation department that have truly upped my makeup game (as well as efficiency).

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Three Lipsticks I Can’t Live Without

DSC06873When I was in my early 20s, I was all about lip glosses. Lipsticks just sounded like something mum would wear (sorry, Mum!). But I have gradually eased into the lipstick world a couple years ago, and became a lipstick kinda girl. Thanks to my work, I have always been surrounded by lovely beauty junkies and exposed to gorgeous products. Ahead are three lipsticks I swear by after millions of trials and errors.

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