Cape Town 2.0: Red, Black and Blue

DSC05527Just a quick update before hitting weekend โ€“ Sydneyโ€™s weather has been getting warmer these days, which makes it the perfect weather to ditch the heavy-weight overcoats and swap for lighter toppers โ€“ at least when the sun is out.

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3 Outfit Choices You Need to Avoid on a First Date

DSC03240Yay, weekend is almost here! That means date nights are happening (fingers crossed). Feeling clueless in front of your closet (aka Pandoraโ€™s Box) before a big date? No worries, I hear you!

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A Play on Patterns: Blue, Green, and High Waist Jeans

DSC02638 (2)After wearing black for almost three weeks, it is time to wear something more colourful to cheer myself up. I seldom wore prints a couple years ago, but it has come to my realisation that mixing prints is a great way to create new looks with old items.

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