Zip Through Denim Dress

tellmeyblog - dotti zip through denim dress + sol sana mules (6)When I spotted this dress in store, I thought to myself how good it would look to be worn as a denim waistcoat. But I am glad I took it into the change room and try it as it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise!

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How To Style This Biggest Pant Trend of the Year

DSC07724Flip through nearly every single magazine, fashion site and blog, you will find all sorts of culottes jumping off the pages (and screens). But somehow, I haven’t hopped on the culotte bandwagon till recently. They are chic, they are comfy, and they are tricky. This wide-legged pant style can be quite controversial – very polish or super mumsy (in a bad way). Ahead was my first attempt in styling these pants-of-the-season.

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