Nail Your Eye Makeup in 2 Minutes

tellmeyblog - rimmel london magnif'eyesSome of you might have noticed from my Instagram I had a little getaway to Sunshine Coast last weekend, hence my posting schedule was completely off last week. But now I am back, I would like to kick-start this week with something that can really speed up your makeup routine, aka an extra five minutes of snooze in the morning or a quick touch up before date night, anyone?

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Korean Gradient Lips with SCOUT Cosmetics

tellmeyblog - korean gradient lips with scout cosmetics (4)Starting in Korea, Asian girls have been sporting the Korean style gradient or petal lips for some time now. I was wondering when the rest of the world will pick up this super cute lips look the other day. Then SCOUT Cosmetics emailed me their take on this beauty trend (speaking of answers from the universe…). So click through and see how it works!

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Natural, Wearable Daytime #LondonLookAU with Rimmel

DSC00787Hi everyone! I have received the information about Rimmel’s London Look Contest a month ago and thought it could be quite fun to do a make-up tutorial post. So here is my #LondonLookAU, and please don’t forget to vote for me here! 😉

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