Manuka Honey Me, Please!

tellmeyblog-antipodes-manuhka-honey-skin-brightening-light-day-cream-antipodes-manuka-honey-skin-brightening-eye-cream-1Manuka honey is a household name in Australia. I was introduced to this powerful healing honey shortly after I moved to Australia. Just one teaspoon of manuka honey in my mouth, and my agonising sore-throat got so much better! Since then I have been relying on manuka honey whenever I got a sore-throat. So yes, you can see why I got very excited when Antipodes with their new manuka honey infused skincare products!

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Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream and Lip Conditioner Review

tellmeyblog - antipodes kiwi seed oil eye cream and lip conditioner_01Ok, kiwi is a yummy superfruit but what about its seeds? Did you know that kiwi seed oil is full of natural skincare goodness (hello, alpha-linolenic acid and Vitamins)? Today, I am going to walk you through two lovely kiwi seed oil infused products from a Kiwi brand, Antipodes.

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