Blazer Dress: From Desk to Cocktails

DSC05233 (2)As life is quite busy these days, I rely heavily on pieces that can take me from desk to cocktails to shorten my morning routine. A couple days ago, I needed to see a client for a quick coffee meeting in the afternoon and attended a cocktail party for work afterwards. Knowing that I would be surrounded by a lot of people from the fashion industry in the party, I wanted to wear something that would make me feel chic yet powerful.

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CNY’s Orange: Midi Skirt and Crop Top

DSC05076Happy Belated Chinese New Year! Today’s the seventh day of Chinese New Year, and it’s supposed to be the common birthday of all human beings in Chinese culture. So Happy Birthday everyone! One of the biggest traditions for Chinese New Year is to wear red but it’s just so not my colour…Instead of turning myself into a red packet, I opted for something orange for the holiday.

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