How Does a Chinese New Year Burger Taste Like?

Burger Project Crumbled chicken burger with salted chilli, Asian slaw, pickled cucumber and hoisinTraditionally Chinese New Year lasts for a whole month. The other day I was in the CBD for some pre-shopping brunch and catch-up time with a friend, and we both ended up getting the limited edition burger for Chinese New Year at Burger Project!

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CNY’s Brights: Denim Shirt and Yellow Lace Circular Midi Skirt

H&M denim shirt and H&M yellow lace circular skirt (1)A lot of you know about the tradition of wearing red on Chinese New Year. Since red is not really my colour, I picked something bright instead.

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CNY’s Orange: Midi Skirt and Crop Top

DSC05076Happy Belated Chinese New Year! Today’s the seventh day of Chinese New Year, and it’s supposed to be the common birthday of all human beings in Chinese culture. So Happy Birthday everyone! One of the biggest traditions for Chinese New Year is to wear red but it’s just so not my colour…Instead of turning myself into a red packet, I opted for something orange for the holiday.

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