3 Sites That Will Make Your Blogging Life Easier

PhotoGrid_1453126317639I am sure a lot of my fellow bloggers will agree that keeping a regular posting schedule is hard but coming up with blog ideas can be even harder. So today I would like to share three sites with you that may help you source content for your blog or even get in touch with brands you would like to work with. Click ahead and start making your life easier!

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This Camera Will Help You Take a Killer #OOTD Photo on Your Own

DSC08726I have to admit I am pretty lucky. Mr. D has been very supportive with my blogging, and he tries to help me with outfit photos as much as possible. But still, there are days he isn’t around or isn’t feeling like picking up the camera. I am not much of a photographer, but I do have a very simple trick under my sleeves that can help me get a good #OOTD when flying solo.

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Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) and Links Γ  la Mode

ifb homepageSometimes blogging can be quite a lonely process. It was lovely to meet all those talented ladies and gentlemen at the bloggers brunch in my last post. But for most of the times, I am a lone ranger in researching, developing blog post ideas, and writing. A while ago, I came across with an online community called Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) which intends to help fashion bloggers to share their experiences and creates resources for everyone to build a better blog.

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