Liebster Award Nomination

Countdown PartyFor those who have been blogging for a while would probably have noticed the Liebster Award Nominations. It is a tag for people to pass on and to discover new blogs. I am very honoured to be nominated for the award by the lovely Zoe from Beaufou Jewellery Box.

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Throwback Thursday: Sydney Bloggers and Fashion Industry Brunch


Photo Credit:Β Interlaced Media

As a PR girl and an ex-editor, I’ve attended and organised lots of events. But it was my first time to be invited as a blogger to attend a bloggers and fashion industry brunch last Sunday. The brunch was held at the famous Bloody Mary’s in Darlinghurst. Click ahead to see what a group of fashionistas would do when they were bonding over the dining table! πŸ˜‰

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