Bliss Peeling Groovy Facial Serum

tellmeyblog - bliss peeling groovy facial serum (5)I don’t have the most sensitive type of skin. But as someone who has very dry skin and is prone to have allergic reactions when using stimulative products, I tend to stay away the ‘peeling’ type of products until I have recently met this one from Bliss.

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Winter Brightening Part 2: Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-`glow’-sion Vitabead-infused Moisture Cream

tellmeyblog - Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-`glow’-sion Vitabead-infused Moisture Cream (2)Last time, we talked about skin brightening facial cleanser. Now it’s time to move onto the moisturiser. Click ahead and see what I have been using lately to achieve brighter and younger looking skin. 😉

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