Manuka Honey Me, Please!

tellmeyblog-antipodes-manuhka-honey-skin-brightening-light-day-cream-antipodes-manuka-honey-skin-brightening-eye-cream-1Manuka honey is a household name in Australia. I was introduced to this powerful healing honey shortly after I moved to Australia. Just one teaspoon of manuka honey in my mouth, and my agonising sore-throat got so much better! Since then I have been relying on manuka honey whenever I got a sore-throat. So yes, you can see why I got very excited when Antipodes with their new manuka honey infused skincare products!

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It’s all about the serums, baby!

tellmeyblog - antipodes divine face oil + worship superfruit antioxidant serum + chia & kiwi seed superfood serum 2Life has been quite busy lately (you can probably tell from my messed up posting schedule). And getting sick as well as the crazy transitional weather certainly didn’t help keeping my skin look and feel healthy. This is when these three serums from Antipodes come to rescue.

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Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream and Lip Conditioner Review

tellmeyblog - antipodes kiwi seed oil eye cream and lip conditioner_01Ok, kiwi is a yummy superfruit but what about its seeds? Did you know that kiwi seed oil is full of natural skincare goodness (hello, alpha-linolenic acid and Vitamins)? Today, I am going to walk you through two lovely kiwi seed oil infused products from a Kiwi brand, Antipodes.

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