Print on Print: Adidas Originals Rita Ora ZX Flux and Bomber Jacket

tellmeyblog - adidas originals rita ora zx flux (2)Since my work place has moved to a new office, I have been doing more walking these days.  While I tend to pair these print sneakers with black or solid colour items to commute, today I would like to mix them with other prints.

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Weekday Casual: Boyish Items with Polka Dot Details

DSC07228 (2)I felt in love with Boden’s shoes department since my last purchase. Those orange lace-up flats are my go-to shoes at the moment. And the next thing I knew it was another pair of Boden shoes showing up at my doorstep…

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Girl In Black Challenge Day 1: In Solidarity with Hong Kong

DSC02258I always believe fashion is a form of self-expression. And given what is happening in my home town, Hong Kong right now, all I want to wear these days is black. It feels frivolous to blog about fashion in times like this, but I have decided to do a “Girl In Black” challenge on the next couple days to show solidarity with my city.

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