Manuka Honey Me, Please!

tellmeyblog-antipodes-manuhka-honey-skin-brightening-light-day-cream-antipodes-manuka-honey-skin-brightening-eye-cream-1Manuka honey is a household name in Australia. I was introduced to this powerful healing honey shortly after I moved to Australia. Just one teaspoon of manuka honey in my mouth, and my agonising sore-throat got so much better! Since then I have been relying on manuka honey whenever I got a sore-throat. So yes, you can see why I got very excited when Antipodes with their new manuka honey infused skincare products!

For those who are unfamiliar with manuka honey, it is a honey that is made by bees that collect nectar from manuka trees in New Zealand or Australia. High in antibacterial properties, manuka honey has been used for wound healing, digestions and for tinctures.

But how does that translate to skincare? Well, its antibacterial properties help address skin blemishes and it’s great for moisturising and anti-inflammatory.

Yet, not all manuka honeys are created equal. A manuka honey with active level 5 is quite mild while one with active level over 15 is considered as very powerful. The products I am going to share with you come with an active level 20+, so another big yes from me!

Antipodes’ Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light Day Cream (RRP $65) features manuka honey Active 20+, bee venom, Vinanza grape and kiwi seed. The bioactive bee venom gives a mild stimulating effect, resulting in a tightening feeling for firmed skin. And don’t worry, the venom is collected via a gentle harvesting process where bees fly free afterwards.

Vinanza Perform Plus in its formula is an antioxidant rich compound from grape seeds and kiwifruit. It is proven to brighten and lighten skin through inhibiting melanin production (think cause of age spots and freckles), reduce skin redness and keep skin moist and supple.

I found the day cream to be quite lightweight yet moisturising. It’s summer in Sydney now but I can still keep it in my morning beauty routine. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that it carries a very pleasant fragrance of honey! One thing I do notice is that my makeup stays on much better since I have started using this day cream before putting my makeup on.

I know some girls prefer just doing their makeup in the morning, but I never skip my morning skincare regime (trust me, your skin will thank you later for that extra bit of effort) and this day cream strengthens that and helps my makeup stay put all day.

As for the Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream (RRP $60), it is a tad richer in texture, perfect for some pre-bedtime massage. The formula is infused with Persian silk flower which helps to hydrate and freshen under-eye tissue. I love how fast-absorbing and non-greasy this eye cream is, leaving my eyes feeling wonderful.

Have you tried a skincare product infused manuka honey before? Leave me a line and let me know!


*Thanks Antipodes for providing the product sample, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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