Update for Your Eye Game Part 2: Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner

DSC03444To me, an eye makeup look won’t feel complete without a great eyeline. This is when Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner comes to play in part 2 of this eye makeup series.

The newly launched eyeliners comes in black, white, and blue (RRP $13.95 ea), and I have received the first two shades to review.

I don’t usually do black eyelines that often except when I want to draw a hidden eyeline. And boy, this eyeliner from Rimmel is perfect for the job! It does exactly what its name suggests – preciseness. The felt-tip of the eyeliner is very soft and extremely easy to draw with, delivering fool-proof, clean and jet-black eyelines in one single glide!

The white eyeliner offers the same highly-pigmented lines with no smudging. But because of the bolder colour, I would say it’s best for a dramatic look especially when you want to stress on the waterline.

These eyeliners dry fairly quickly once you have them on and they are quite long lasting. You will need to use a makeup remover if you want to remove them properly.

So here are the two products I have been using lately to up my eye makeup game. Have you tried them yet? And what are you using these days?


*Thanks Rimmel London AU for providing the product sample, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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