gentSac: Grooming Made Easy for Men

tellmeyblog - gentsac The Classic Man - $199.00Hands up if you are always stressing out with what to get for the guys in your life. Thanks to a recent invitation to gentSac’s store launch, I have finally found a solution to end this constant struggle!

For those who are unfamiliar with the name gentSac, it is a premium men’s grooming products subscription and retail service. You can choose to tailor your own gentSac or pick a pre-designed one from their website. Then select how frequent you want to receive your gentSac, and a sack filled with premium full-sized gentlemen’s grooming products and essentials will be delivered to your door!
tellmeyblog - gentsac Beard - $79.00

The website also offers customers to buy each gentSac individually if you are not ready to commit to a subscription yet. Or even better, buy individual products separately on their website or at their store! Yes, they now have a store at The Galleries in Sydney CBD!
tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (9)tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (7)

I may not be an expert in men’s grooming needs but I do know how hard it is to find quality products for men, especially for those who have sensitive skin. It is very lovely to see gentSac is offering a range of wonderful but hard-to-find brands to the gentlemen.
tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (2)tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (3)tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (4)tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (5)

So the service is certainly interesting but what about the products? I have taken home a few product samples (Appelles Blackseed Shampoo, Biology Body Wash No.303, and BUCK Face Moisturiser) from the launch for Mr. D to try.

First of all, both of us nod in agreement that all three products smell amazing. Mr. D has very sensitive skin and suffers from Eczema, so scented products are usually not his friends. But this is not the case with these three. He said the products are very gentle. They left his skin and hair feeling clean, fresh, and energised! When I saw him looking up gentSac on his own, I knew I have found my next destination to shop for his gifts.
tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (1)

Oh, and have I mentioned gentSac also carries Marvis, the Italian toothpaste brand that everybody loves? Both Mr. D and I love the Aquatic Mint flavour. It makes your breath so fresh that you will find it very difficult to go back to other toothpaste after using this one!
tellmeyblog - gentsac store launch (6)

gentSac is available at Ground Floor of The Galleries or online at

Did you find buying for men very difficult? Leave me a line and tell me what you would get for your guy, father, brothers and friends!


*Thanks gentSac for the invitation and providing the product samples, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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4 thoughts on “gentSac: Grooming Made Easy for Men

  1. This looks great. Clever gift ideas. Men are a nightmare to buy for. They always want the newest tech, but they wont wait to receive it, just buy it themselves and then you’re stuck for ideas!
    Zoe Beau. x


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