Power Cleanse for Your Skin: PuraSonic Facial Cleansing Brush

tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (14)As a beauty junkie, I always get asked by my girlfriends about how many beauty related machines I have at home for my face. The answer is one – a facial cleansing brush. I had a Clarisonic Mia 2 since it was launched in Australia several years ago. I loved the facial cleansing device but after numerous drops in the bathroom over the years it finally broke down a while ago. This was when PuraSonic approached me and I thought it was the perfect time to give this Aussie cleansing brush a go.

The colour I have received is `Arctic White with Grey Button’. As a girl who is not into pink, I really like this minimalistic colour combo option PuraSonic offers.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (1)

Open the packaging and you will see it contains:
PuraSonic Facial Cleansing Device X 1
Gentle Brush Head for Sensitive Skin X 1 (with grey inner ring)
EveryDay Brush Head for Normal Skin X 1 (with black inner ring)
Waterproof Stand X 1
Magna-Link Charger X 1
USB Cord X 1
100V-240V Power Pack X 1
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (3)

Each set also comes with an instruction manual and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (4)

The device is designed to utlise sonic frequency to clean your face in just 60 seconds. Once charged completely, the cleansing brush will last approximately 60 minutes of use. That means you don’t have to worry about charging it for two months!
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (16)

Equipped with three different speeds, the device can cater to every cleansing need of different skin types.

The lowest speed is suitable for fragile or sensitive skin and is represented by green light.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (6)

Medium speed is for normal skin and its light is orange.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (9)

High speed is for normal or combination skin, and is indicated by red light.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (7)

When you pause the brush, the lights around the button will all flash together slowly. I find these visible indications very handy when deciding which speed to use.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (8)

Before moving on to the actual cleansing part, of course I have to show you my dull face before cleansing…
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (5)

Now, it’s time to put some cleanser on the brush head after wetting it with warm water. I am using the gentle brush head on lower speed level here as recommended by the instruction manual. The reason of doing so is to let your skin get used to the brush action gradually.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (10)

I started with my forehead as the brush is pre-programmed with a cycle to clean your forehead for 20 seconds, then nose and chin areas for 20 seconds, and 10 seconds for each cheek.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (11)

After the 1-minute cycle, use warm water to rinse off your face and the brush. Voila – clean and brightened face! Pardon me for changing my T-shirt as I spilled water everywhere while rinsing off the cleanser residue.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (13)

The result is seriously amazing! I love how clean my face feels after using this brush. It removes impurities deep within the pores but still gentle enough to be used every day.
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (12)

Another thing I love about PuraSonic is it comes with a waterproof stand. No more constant dropping in the shower!
tellmeyblog -purasonic facial cleansing brush (15)

I’d say PuraSonic is a really strong contender in the facial cleansing device market, especially its RRP has just reduced from $129 to $99! For those who haven’t got their hands on one of these facial cleansing brushes yet, it’s the perfect time to bring one home now.

PuraSonic Facial Cleansing Brushes and additional brush heads are available on purabeaute.com.au.

Have you tried a facial cleansing brush before? Do you like it?


*Thanks PuraSonic for providing the product sample, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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