Bring the Royal Hairdressing Experience Home

tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelse collection - keratinWell, we may not be able to afford a tailor-made McQueen wedding dress like Kate Middleton did. But thanks to Priceline, we can certainly bring her hairdressing experience home with The Chelsea Collection by Richard Ward. Ahead is how you can pull a couple `rich girl hair’ moments like Kate in the comfort of your own home!

For those who are unfamiliar with Richard Ward, he is an award-winning celebrity hairdresser who has done the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair on her wedding. He has also been the hairdresser to a lot of celebrities include Nicole Kidman, Lily Allen, Kim Cattrell, Bear Grylls and Liz Hurley. I was very lucky to be invited to the Australian launch of his famous high-street hair product line, The Chelsea Collection.
tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection launch (1)

Richard Ward is very famous for his signature Chelsea Blow Dry, aka smooth, shining hair with a slight hint of curls in it (yes, think Kate Middleton). Although I have recently cut my hair short, it was still a very lovely experience to pick up a few hair styling tricks from him and one of his colourists, Mario. Look how gorgeous the model’s hair turned out!
tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection launch (2)tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection launch (4)

Moving on to The Chelsea Collection range, the hero ingredient of the products is keratin which is the hair’s natural protein that binds and rebuild hair’s natural fibres to create healthy looking hair.
tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection launch (3)

The Keratin shampoo and conditioner range comes in Restore, Volume and Sleek for different hair types. All of these products contain colour lock and UV protection, perfect for hair care needs of modern women.

The products picked out for me at the launch were the Sleek shampoo and conditioner, which aim to smooth and de-frizz your hair, leaving it looking hydrated and glossy.
tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection keratin sleek shampoo + keratin sleek conditioner + keratin styling spray

Just like Richard said at the launch, of course you need the right products to help you create the perfect do you desire, but you also need to blow dry it if you want to get it done right. As a girl who is too lazy to do any blow-drying for most of the times (especially after the chop), I can tell you this range still gives your hair a pretty good airy feel and look from air dry. However, if you want to follow the silky smooth rich girl hair look to a T, you do need a little blow dry.
tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection keratin sleek shampootellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection keratin conditioner

The Keratin Styling Spray infused with lime oil will also help enhancing the radiance and glossiness of  the hair while the Vitamin E in its formula add extra body bounce and texture. I found the spray quite lightweight to use, perfect to create that `I woke up with great hair’ look.
tellmeyblog - richard ward the chelsea collection keratin styling spray

And it never hurts when the whole range share lovely fragrant notes of amber, white jasmine, grapefruit, pear and apple. It just makes your hair smell divine!

Each product in The Chelsea Collection is priced at RRP $19.95 and is sold exclusively at Priceline Pharmacies.

Have you tried this range before? Do you like the rich girl hair look?


*Thanks Richard Ward for providing the product samples, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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    • Thank you! I think the Richard Ward’s products have branched out to quite a few overseas locations so hopefully they will make their way to you soon! 🙂


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