Birthday Sushi Quest: sushi e

tellmeyblog - sushi eSydney is a great food city but Mr. D and I have been struggling to find one sushi place that we fall head over heels for. So Mr. D has decided to take me out to a sushi bar in town for my birthday celebration this year, in the hope of finding “The One”.

sushi e is on the fourth floor of Establishment in the CBD. We went there on a Wednesday night, and were surprised to see it was almost full house.
tellmeyblog - sushi e 02tellmeyblog - sushi e 01

We started with Agedashi Tofu. The deep fried silken tofu was served with a savoury broth made of dashi, mirin and soy. The tofu was slightly gooey on the outside but silky smooth on the inside. It just gave you the right amount of saltiness to whet your appetite.
tellmeyblog - sushi e Agedashi Tofu

Sashimi is my all-time favourite. So we ordered the Traditional Sashimi. The sashimi we picked was tuna, salmon and kingfish. Everything was just mega fine and fresh!
tellmeyblog - sushi e traditional sashimi

Of course the fresh fish galore didn’t end just yet. Both Mr. D and I are die-hard fans of good nigiri, and sushi e certainly didn’t disappoint. We went with the Tuna, Salmon, and Scampi Nigiri. Nothing tastes like the perfect marriage between fresh seafood sashimi and sushi rice done right. And boy do I miss that scampi nigiri? Just looking at the pictures has reminded me of that sweet aroma lingering in my mouth!
tellmeyblog - sushi e tuna, salmon, and scampi nigiri

I know there were a lot of tuna and salmon but tuna is Mr. D’s favourite and salmon is mine. For those who are not big fans of raw seafood, some of the nigiri sushi can be served lightly flame seared. So don’t let that stop you from trying their nigiri.

Our first uramaki (inside out roll) was the Dynamite Roll, aka Spicy Tuna Roll. The spicy tuna was marinated in 7 peppers, chilli and sesame oil, and was served with sweet onion, cucumber and spicy tobiko. Instead of masking all the flavours of the ingredients, the spicy seasoning actually brought out their best. It was a very well balanced dish.
tellmeyblog - sushi e dynamite roll

Wagyu Uramaki is one of sushi e’s most popular dishes. The thinly sliced wagyu was rolled with cucumber and baby cress, and topped with flamed wagyu slices. The flavours of this inside out roll were strong and savoury, definitely worth a try for the beef lovers.
tellmeyblog - sushi e Wagyu Uramaki

If you are looking to have sushi pumping out every other second, you may want to look at a different place. The chefs at sushi e meticulously turn fish as well as other ingredients into edible art. It was mesmerising to sit at the marble bar to watch them work. It makes me appreciate even more of my food. sushi e is now our favourite sushi restaurant in Sydney. I can’t wait to go back for more sushi goodness!

Do you like sushi? What is your favourite?


sushi e

Website /
Phone / (+61) 02 9240 3000
Address / Level 4, Establishment, 252 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


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19 thoughts on “Birthday Sushi Quest: sushi e

    • It is a great place! I am sorry to hear that your stomach can’t cope too well with the raw ones but a lot of sushi places these days offer more cooked options. Hope you still get to enjoy the sushi you love. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this remarkable post with us. My kids like sushi alot, but they prefer cooked one much better. Hope to read more of this post next visit. Thanks

    Lady Janet


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