Marble Nails in 10 Minutes

Personail - marble (9)I don’t think it requires me to say: marble print is everywhere! It has even spread to your fingernails! Search #marblenails on Instagram and you will see thousands of pictures flooding your feed. If you are one of those super talented nail artists who can whip up a stunning nail design and execute it perfectly in a second, you may skip this post. But for the rest of us, here is how to achieve gorgeous marble mani in just 10 minutes.

Nail polish wrap or nail art strip is not a new product. Yet, Personail has caught my eyes when I was in Broadway Shopping Centre yesterday. The Aussie brand designs its own patterns and has over 60 patterns for you to choose from! To get matchy-matchy with my phone case, I picked the marble print!
Personail - marble (2)

Each nail wrap set comes with 16 strips, a cuticle pusher, a nail filer and application instructions.

Personail - marble (4)Personail - marble (5)

Application is easy:
Personail - marble (3)

Step 1: Select the right sticker size for clean, dry nail.
Step 2: Remove the top clear protective layer on the sticker.
Step 3: Apply sticker on nail.
Step 4: Apply pressure on nail and pull taut.
Step 5: File excess sticker in a downward motion.
Step 6: For a longer lasting finish, apply a layer of topcoat on the sticker.
Personail - marble (6)Personail - marble (7)

Done! The end product really looks like marble!
Personail - marble (8)

Compared to the other nail wrap brands I have tried before, Personail’s wraps are on the thinner side but still strong and malleable enough for you to readjust its position. If you have shorter nails like mine, you can use one sticker for two nails.
Personail - marble Personail - marble (1)

Wear-wise, it claims to last up to 10 days like most of the other nail wrap brands do. But the seller told me it could last up to a month with the finishing touch of a layer of topcoat.

Each nail wrap set is sold at AUD $18.22 or USD $12.99 and it offers free worldwide shipping for order over AUD $50. However, Personail is doing a special promotion for AUD $13/set at its pop-up stall at Broadway Shopping Centre till the end of today. They also do some free wrap samples at the pop-up. So feel free to go have a play. 😉

Are you into this marble print trend? Would you channel this architectural appreciation with mani?


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18 thoughts on “Marble Nails in 10 Minutes

  1. Because my cousin does nails, I never have to do mine on my own. Thankfully, because I must be the only girl who sucks at that. Anyway, I love the look of these! They’re so so so cute.


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