How Does a Chinese New Year Burger Taste Like?

Burger Project Crumbled chicken burger with salted chilli, Asian slaw, pickled cucumber and hoisinTraditionally Chinese New Year lasts for a whole month. The other day I was in the CBD for some pre-shopping brunch and catch-up time with a friend, and we both ended up getting the limited edition burger for Chinese New Year at Burger Project!

Burger Project is a relatively new addition to the Rockpool Restaurant Group by the famous chef, Neil Perry. Mr. D and I have been there once and found the burgers to be pretty tasty. So I went back with a friend to grab a bite before heading off for our shopping spree.

The Crumbled chicken burger with salted chilli, Asian slaw, pickled cucumber and hoisin is the hero product of Burger Project’s Chinese New Year inspired menu. The chicken itself was quite juicy, and that taste of the hoisin sauce definitely reminded me of eating roasted suckling pork for festivities. The salted chilli and the rest of the seasonings resembled closely to Kung Pao Chicken, which indicated the burger was quite fiery and not for someone who shies away from the heat. It was quite an interesting burger but I found their regular menu to be much more delicious.
Burger Project Chinese New Year inspired menu

The two of us shared a large Salt and Sichuan pepper chips. To be honest, my first chips encounter at Burger Project wasn’t much of a success. But this time the chips started to come together. Again, the seasonings for these chips were quite hot and savoury. If you are into those limited edition Shake Shake Fries at McDonald’s, you are going to love this one. However, those Sichuan pepper may numb your tongue a little.
Burger Project Salt and Sichuan Pepper Chips

I decided to take on the last item of their Chinese New Year inspired menu – Lychee ice tea as well. I liked how it wasn’t crazily sweet and it came with a couple lychees. It definitely did a good job in quenching my thirst while I was chowing down all the spicy goodness.
Burger Project Lychee Ice Tea

It was very interesting to see how the restaurant has created a fusion burger menu for Chinese New Year but I think I will stick to its regular burgers and housemade ice-cream for my next visit. In case you are craving for this limited edition Chinese New Year burger menu, it will last until the end of February.

Have you come across with any funky Chinese New Year inspired menus lately?


Burger Project, World Square

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13 thoughts on “How Does a Chinese New Year Burger Taste Like?

  1. For someone who loves studying people’s culture, I feel dumb to not have known that the chinese New Year lasts for a whole month.

    Anyway THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY. I’ve not eaten burgers in a while but I’d definitely stop to eat that one. So delicious looking. Also, loving the photographs.

    Ella x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t be so harsh on yourself, Ella! It usually lasts for a whole month because you will visit all your friends and families at their places within the first month. And most people these days will stop all the celebration after the first 15 days.

      The food wasn’t bad but I still prefer their regular menu. Anyway, thanks so much for reading!



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