Devon Café, Surry Hills

2016-01-25_15.20.29Happy Australia Day, everyone! Australia Day calls for good food! So I would like to share my recent visit to one of the most popular cafes in Sydney with you. 😉

It was 39°C the other day. Mr. D and I just wanted to enjoy a great brunch without sweating bullets. Devon Café in Surry Hills just sounded perfect for the job as it has a air-conditioned front area and a covered backyard.

We were seated in the air-conditioned area and the waitress brought us a small bottle of cold water right away. While we were quenching our thirst with the cold water, she brought us the menu and replaced our water bottle with another one! Double thumbs up for the service!

Mr. D ordered the KJI Burger which was a fried chicken burger with brussels sprout kimchi slaw, roasted peanuts, gochujang sauce and served with a side of fries. The burger was so big that Mr. D needed to tackle it with silverware! We’ve been together for over 8.5 years. This was the first time I saw him ate a burger with silverware and he couldn’t even finish the whole burger! According to him, the fried chicken was very juicy and flavourful. So he killed the chicken and veggies, and left a little bit of the bun behind.

I went with the Porky Pig. It came with smoked pork and maple sausage, smoked ham hock croquette, onion puree, fried egg, pork crackling with apple jus. Pork and apples is such a classic pairing, and Devon did a pretty good job in balancing the flavours and texture of different pork elements in the dish. If you love a good sweet and savoury dish, Porky Pig is for you.
DSC_0806DSC_0809 (2)

It was my second visit to Devon and to my surprise I actually enjoyed their current menu better. The menu is simple and focused which helps the kitchen to master and excel each dish. Need not to say, it is also quite summery, perfect for the hot and humid weather in Sydney right now.


Devon Café

Website /
Phone / (+61) 02 9211 8777
Address / 76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW 2011


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