3 Sites That Will Make Your Blogging Life Easier

PhotoGrid_1453126317639I am sure a lot of my fellow bloggers will agree that keeping a regular posting schedule is hard but coming up with blog ideas can be even harder. So today I would like to share three sites with you that may help you source content for your blog or even get in touch with brands you would like to work with. Click ahead and start making your life easier!

source bottle1

SourceBottle is an online platform for bloggers and journalists to find content sources. As a blogger, you can post a free call-out on the site for sources to be provided for interview subjects and content (think product suggestions, samples, high res images, and giveaway prizes). Name your topic, deadline, source countries (Australia, New Zealand, UK & Republic of Ireland, Canada, United States, or all of the above), and how you would like to be contacted (phone or email). Then sit back and relax!

Brands and PR agencies who have signed up to SourceBottle receive regular email alerts with a summary of all the current call-outs on their topics of interest. As a publicist, I can tell you we are constantly looking for potential opportunities on SourceBottle to collaborate with bloggers on behalf of our clients. 😉


If you prefer to pitch directly to a particular company or brand, then Catablog is for you. Again, it is free for bloggers to join Catablog. Once you have joined the site, you can register your blog on it and start searching brands that you are interested in and pitching the ideas you would like to work with them on your blog. Just like SourceBottle, you can also post free call-outs on Catablog for brands to contact you.

One thing I like about Catablog is its ranking system. You can choose up to three categories to describe your blog and you will see your rank in each category among other blogs, which could be used as an indicator of how well you are meeting the needs of your audience. I have to admit that I haven’t been really using this function as I should have. However, Catablog is relatively new and not as many companies are on it. It is also targeted at Australia and New Zealand bloggers only.

beauty directory 2
beauty directoryThis members-only site is designed for Australia and New Zealand beauty and health media and industry insiders. I was introduced to this site back when I was an editor, and it has been quite a life-safer ever since.  Not only does the site have industry news and new product information, but it also contains a comprehensive database of beauty and health product listings, high res images, media releases, and the contact details of brands’ representatives. If you are an Australia or NZ based beauty blogger, I highly recommend you to get on BEAUTYDIRECTORY.

Do you find souring content for your blog difficult? How do you tackle the problem?


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