This Bracelet Will Kick Start Your New Year Resolution In Style

DSC00276Those who have been reading my blog for a while would probably have noticed I am always wearing a Fitbit Flex. A couple months ago, my beloved Fitbit Flex has stopped working. So Mr. D got me a replacement as well as a Fitbit Flex bracelet from Bezels & Bytes for Christmas.

As a serious Fitbit Flex lover, I own bands in five different colours. However, there is only so much a rubber band can offer in terms of sartorial value. I came across with Bezels & Bytes more than a year ago, and was truly amazed by how this start-up company has turned a popular fitness tracker into stylish arm candies!

When Mr. D asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him I wanted a replacement for my broken Fitbit Flex and a Bezels & Bytes bracelet. He helped me pick out this ID bracelet in silver from the brand, and I wasn’t disappointed!

The tracker fits perfectly inside the locket, and there is a nod inside the locket and a side latch to keep the tracker in place. So far I haven’t experienced any moving around of the tracker inside the locket as some Bezels & Bytes leather bracelet users have complained about. The locket also seems to be secured but only time will tell if it holds up.

Just like a regular Fitbit Flex band, you can tap on the ID bracelet and check on your daily progress. That means you can still enjoy all the perks of a Fitbit Flex while wearing it in a chic disguise, hurray!

The bracelet is not flimsy at all which is something I really like. But for those who prefer a more lightweight band, you may want to look at their leather bracelet options or stick to the original rubber bands.

Since most of my jewellery are in silver tone, I can basically stack this bracelet on with everything! I am really happy how it glams up my humble Fitbit Flex, and will definitely consider buying more if it wears well.

Do you wear a fitness tracker? Would you dress it up if you could?


What Did I Wear

T-shirt / ASOS
Shorts / Finders Keepers the Label
Shoes / Wittner
Watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet / Bezels & Bytes


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