This Deodorant Saved My Life

loccitanceMakeup or no makeup, deodorant is probably the one toiletry that is found in every girl’s beauty cabinet (or makeup bag). Especially when summer is officially here in Australia now, it is difficult for me to imagine living one day without my deodorant, or to be exact – a parabens free one. But why is it important to choose a parabens free deodorant? Read ahead and be the judge for yourself.

I used to buy drugstore deodorants like a lot of people do.  Spray, stick, roll-on, I never cared about the formula as long as it smelled good. That is, until one summer, my pits were irritably itchy and swollen (pardon me for the gross details). I noticed the itchiness would only die down after my night time shower – when all residue of my deodorant was washed off. I tried to switch to different drugstore brands but the situation was all the same.

I did some research online and realised I was probably allergic to parabens, which is a type of chemicals often used as preservatives in deodorants. I don’t know what has triggered the allergic reaction as I have been using drugstore deodorants for years. But that was when I ditched the conventional deodorants for good, and turned to more natural alternatives.

Eventually I found my saviour in L’Occitane. This Citrus Verbena Deodorant (RRP $ 26.00) is Aluminium salts free, parabens free, and alcohol free – so definitely a big thumb up for the ingredients!

Just like the rest of the Verbena range, this deodorant smells fresh and delicious. Its effect is long-lasting, and protects me for a full day. And most importantly, no more itchy and swollen pits! Happy Days!

Are you allergic to parabens? What type of deodorant do you use? Do you have a natural deodorant you would like to recommend?


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