Sally Hansen Miracle Gel New Top Coat and Limited-Edition Duo Packs Review

PhotoGrid_1448246390664Some of my close friends may know I don’t do my nails very often. And when I do? I always turn to Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel range. The reasons are simple – it is super convenient, it lasts for days, and it is way cheaper than visiting a salon. That’s why I got really excited when I received the PR samples on the new Top Coat and limited-edition duo packs for trial.

The two spring/summer colour limited-edition duo packs I got are #210 Blue Hue and #250 Block party. Each duo pack comes with a bottle of the new Top Coat. I have done a full review on the Miracle Gel range before but here’s a quick recap on how it works:

Step 1: Apply two thin layers of Miracle Gel colour on your clean nails and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply one layer of Miracle Gel Top Coat.

#210 Blue Hue is a subdued, milk-glass blue, which I am madly in love with. My wardrobe is mainly consisted of blues and greens. This colour basically matches with everything I have!

#250 Block Party is a Tiger Lily orange with a tinge of coral. It is quite different from what I would usually wear but it brings a pop of colour to any outfit.

Moving back to the new Top coat, it claims to deliver 2X the volume to your manicure and create fuller-looking nails with a high-gloss, mirror shine finish.

And does it live up to its claims? See for yourself. Can you believe this photo was taken 8 days after I put on the polish?

I have been typing, washing my hair, and running errands as usual for 8 days, and the polish stayed perfectly intact! For me to say that, it is really something because I can’t stand a tiny smudge or scratch on my nail polish. The only reason I removed it after 8 days was I missed my nude nails!

I always adore the long-lasting effect of the Miracle Gel range, and have curated quite a few colours on my own since it was released in Australia. But oh boy, this new top coat has taken the range to a whole new level. It makes the polish wears even better than before!

From what I have seen, the new Top Coat has a thicker texture and applies more evenly on my nails than the old one. This one is definitely a winner.

The new Miracle Gel Top Coat (RRP $16.95) and limited edition duo packs (RRP $19.95 ea) are available from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacies, Target, Terry White Chemists, Chemist Warehouse and independent pharmacies nationally.

Have you tried this new Miracle Gel Top Coat from Sally Hansen yet? And do you have a go-to nail polish?


*Thanks Sally Hansen AU for providing the product samples, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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23 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Miracle Gel New Top Coat and Limited-Edition Duo Packs Review

    • Hi Sahara! The polish itself claims to deliver a high quality shine for up to 14 days. I wore mine for 8 days without chipping, and the only reason I removed it was because I missed my nude nails! Hope this helps. 🙂


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