Virtual Twinning: Denim and Leather + Blogger Link Up

DSC09475Denim and leather are two closet staples. So today I am teaming up with the lovely Bing from The Big Bing Theory to show you how we style these classics.

Although leather is typically considered a fall/winter item, nothing is really off-limits in the fashion world these days. Designers have incorporated leather pieces in Spring and Summer fashion for the last few seasons. Take this suede skirt from Jennifer Kate as an example, it is so soft and thin that I can wear it with a T-shirt in spring or swap it for a cosy knit top in fall. With the whole `70s trend going strong, I can foresee myself wearing this cute little skirt a lot more this season.

Sydney has just gone through a crazy heat wave in the last couple days. When the mercury is at 40ยฐC, it is probably not the best time to pull off a denim and leather ensemble. But that being said, the evening Southerly also brings a drastic drop in the temperature, making it the perfect timing to wear a denim shirt dress as outwear! See how denim and leather can be great transitional items? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I swear to God I didn’t spell out the specifics when I set the theme as denim and leather with Bing. So it was a gasp of surprise when I saw the pictures she sent through โ€“ denim shirt and leather skirt, we are twinning virtually!

If I havenโ€™t said it before, I am going to say it out loud now โ€“ blogging has not only pushed me to think out of the box for styling, but it has also connected me to like-minded people. Bing is a blogger from the States. If you read her blog, you will notice how genuine and full of energy she is. For those who want to know more about her, please check out The Big Bing Theory. I bet you will be surprised by this hot and intelligent Mama!


What Did I Wear

T-shirt / ASOS
Skirt / Jennifer Kate
Outerwear / Boohoo (dress worn as a coat here)
Clutch / Skinnydip London
Shoes / Boden
Sunglasses / Quay
Watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelets / Fitbit Flex, Mantraband


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19 thoughts on “Virtual Twinning: Denim and Leather + Blogger Link Up

  1. O Em Gee Y, Oh Em gee,,,this is awesome, thank you so much for twinning with me,twinning without talking about the details, that denim and leather could have been anything,but i guess beautiful bloggers think alike, don’t we??? awww I so love this post,you look lovely,xoxo Bing.

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