Darlington Cheap Eat: Jap’s Table

DSC08938When life gets busy, I always turn to my trusty local takeaway joints and Jap’s Table is one of them. It is so funny that I’ve ordered takeaway from them countless times but I had never dined in the restaurant before till a couple days ago.

Jap’s Table is a very low-key Japanese restaurant in Darlington, and it is quite famous for its Yakatori (Japanese skewers). It reminds me a little bit of what I used to see in Japanese dramas – a group of suit-wearing gentlemen enjoying skewers and beer during Happy Hour in a local restaurant.

The other day I met a friend at Jap’s Table for a quick lunch and catch up. No skewers for us but we still had a chance to taste a couple dishes from the restaurant.

My friend had a Salmon Sashimi Don (rice bowl) with half a Yokohama Ramen (pork broth) lunch special combo, which is the best of both worlds – you get to taste the fresh salmon but you also get the savoury goodness from a ramen. Perfect for those who can’t make up their mind in what to order.

I ordered my standard go-to at Jap’s Table, Yokohama Ramen with extra Chashu and two pieces of Salmon Nigiri. I usually come to this place for a big brunch and I won’t eat till much later of the day. So I always ordered extra Chashu for the ramen as the standard ramen only comes with one piece of Chashu.

The Chashu is always tender and the running egg is usually pretty good. It is not the best place for ramen in Sydney but still good enough for me to go back when I need a quick ramen lunch fix.

The Salmon Nigiri is fairly standard, but it’s a nice-to-have kind of nibbles to balance off the savoury flavour from the ramen.

Between the two of us, we have only spent a total AUD $27.50 for this lunch. Their low price point is definitely one of the reasons I always get takeaway there. I still haven’t got a chance to try their Yakatori yet and will need to make my way back there for dinner sometime soon.

Do you have a favourite local takeaway store? And what food do they serve?


Jap’s Table

Phone / (+61) 02 8399 1127
Address / 245 Abercrombie St, Darlington NSW 2008


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