Citrus Aroma: L’Occitane en Provence Verbena Body Lotion

DSC08804When it comes to the scent of a body care product, we all have our own preferences. Some people like their products to evoke the smell of fruits and florals while others may prefer a scentless moisturiser. Last time I have talked about some fig-scented products, and today I would like to share another lovely fragranced body lotion with you.

L’Occitane en Provence is one of my go-to brands for bath and body products, and their Verbena range is my personal favourite.

I love using this body lotion (AUD $39 / 250ml) after showers. That sweet yet refreshing citrus scent always helps me relax and picks up my mood. Whether it is a big day or a sweet dream ahead, it makes me smell delicious and feel so ready!

Thanks to the organic verbena extra from Provence and grapeseed oil in its formula, this lightweight body lotion is very moisturising and nourishing. Treat yourself with a mini massage when applying the lotion and your skin will look soft and supple.

Not too strong but not too subtle, this lemony scent lotion is simply gorgeous! Its lovely fragrance lingers on my skin for such a long time that I don’t even need a perfume! For those who wants to do a test drive, this lotion also comes in a 75ml version (AUD $14). Stocking fillers, anyone?

Do you have a preferred scent in your bath and body care products? Leave me a line and let’s chat up!


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14 thoughts on “Citrus Aroma: L’Occitane en Provence Verbena Body Lotion

    • Hi Karen,
      You should totally give L’Occitane products a go! They are really lovely! They also have a classic Shea Butter range that doesn’t really carry strong scent. That one works really well on sensitive skin.
      Hope your week is great too!



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