Dumpling Fix: New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase

PhotoGrid_1444833386225Chatswood is one of those suburbs Mr. D and I like to frequent together on our days-off but we seldom eat there (except for Tim Ho Wan). The other day we were walking down the main street in Chatswood around dinner time, and all of a sudden a craving for dumplings struck us both! This was when we remembered about New Shanghai, a dumpling spot our friends have told us ages ago.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, New Shanghai is a chain restaurant group that have 9 outlets in Australia and one in Shanghai. Although this was our first visit to the restaurant, we have heard so many good things about this place and felt like we’ve already known it for years. And our real life first impression? Clean, comfy seats, and chefs making dumplings behind a big glass wall. I’d say we were heading towards a pretty good start!

We started with some Oolong tea (AUD $5.50/pot). The tea was quite standard yet decent. It was a nice change to see it being served with a cute tea pot and tea cups instead of those standard white tea sets in Chinese restaurants though.

When we first set foot in the restaurant, Mr. D pointed out there was a very appetising smell in the air. I took a sniff and immediately realised he was talking about the Hot & sour soup with shredded pork & tofu (AUD $5.50). The soup was nice but nothing really spectacular. It was a very big serving size for one person but the bowls they were using at New Shanghai made it quite difficult for people to share soup dishes.

I always love to order rice cake stir fry in a Shanghainese restaurant. And this Shepherd’s purse, shredded pork& rice cake stir fry (AUD $13.80) from New Shanghai didn’t disappoint! Not too gooey and not too hard, the rice cake was cooked perfectly! The flavour of this dish was very well-balanced. Sometimes you just get a really salty and greasy rice cake stir fry in Chinese restaurants but this certainly wasn’t the case here!

Kicking off our dumpling quest was the New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – Steamed pork dumplings (AUD $8.60/8pcs). An ample amount of soup was bundled up with some juicy pork mince under a thin layer of dumpling wrap in each of these dumplings. Need I say more?

Mr. D once again got a little food envy over the people sitting at the table next to us. As a result, these Pot Stickers – Pan fried pork dumplings (AUD $11.00/8pcs) were ordered. Imagine these as the magnified version of those tasty Xiao Long Bao with thicker and crispier skins, and you know you have ordered the right thing.

Our last dish was the Prawn wontons with chilli oil, peanut & sesame sauce (AUD $16.30). We were surprised to see this type of wantons being served with sesame sauce. The flavour was savoury and nice but we nodded in agreement that these weren’t spicy enough and would probably be better off without the sesame sauce. That being said, these wontons were filled with copious amount of fresh prawns and would definitely tickle a dumpling lover’s fancy.

Although Din Tai Fung is still our absolute favourite in terms of Xiao Long Bao and this type of Shanghainese dumplings, New Shanghai offers really good food for a wallet-friendly budget. We will definitely be back to this place in no time!


New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase

Website / www.newshanghai.com.au
Phone / (+61) 02 9412 3358
Address / B38, Chatswood Chase, 345 Victoria Avenue, Chastwood NSW 2067


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    • I know! But they do offer quite a few choices for tea. So we just kind of treat it as we are paying for tea at yumcha places. If I want to get a picture of dumpling sauce dripping off your chin, there won’t be any pictures for this post because all the dumplings would have got into my belly in a second! I heart you too, Bing! 🙂

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