This Rimmel Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss Will Get You Hooked on Nude Lips

DSC07937Scroll down my blog real quick and you will be able to tell how much I love bold colour lippies. That said, there are days I prefer the natural route and reach out for those trusty nude tubes in my beauty cabinet. Be it a dramatic smoky eye for a night out or a casual brunch date with the BFFs, a good nude shade can carry you a long way. And who does nude pouts better than the style icon Kate Moss (no offence, Kim K)? Ahead is my review on Rimmel London’s latest Nude Collection by Kate Moss. Yes, I dare to go bare with Kate. What about you?

This new Nude Collection by Kate Moss comes in five different shades (RRP AUD $12.95 each). When these five beauties and the new Moisture Renew Universal Lip Liner (RRP AUD $12.50) showed up in my mailbox, I could picture a roadmap for ladies of different skin tones finding their matching hues in this collection.

The five colours from top to bottom are:
#40 – a pale nude
#42 – an apricot nude
#43 – a tan nude
#45 – a rose nude
#48 – a coffee nude

#40 is a very light and pale peachy nude. It was the first colour I tried on my lips and it almost threw me off the range. It is so pale that I am totally washed out by it! As you can see from the swatch above, it almost completely matches with the colour of my inner arm. This shade will be best suited to those who have very fair skin with cool undertone.

#42 is slightly more pinkish than #40. It reflects a bit more warmth onto my skin compared to that of #40 but is still way too light for my liking. I would say it’s another shade for fairer ladies.

Moving on to #43, it is a warm neutral nude and is just a tad lighter than my natural lip colour. To be honest, it is still lighter than my regular nude lippies but it compliments my skin tone fairly well. It works much better on my warm undertone skin than the two previous colours, and I’d be happy to wear it for a natural day time look.

#45 is another colour that is very close to my natural lip pigment. Unlike the tannish #43, #45 carries a rosy hue with cool undertone. It will work really well on someone with cool undertone skin.

My biggest surprise in this range is #48, which is a deep coffee/burgundy colour. It may remind you of the 90s but it is indeed a very elegant colour. I can picture a lot of ladies rocking it at work. Pricing at AUD $12.95, this gorgeous shade can be your gateway product to jump on that dark brown and coffee lips bandwagon.

All five of these lipsticks glide very smoothly on my lips and leave a little bit of shine in the finish. Although these lippies provide nice and even pigmentation, the lighter hue ones may reveal undesirable lip conditions. I’d recommend applying some lip balm beforehand. Yet, these are really comfortable to wear and you simply can’t beat that price for a lovely array of super-chic nude lipsticks!
DSC07976 (2)

Quick tips on wearing nude lips without being washed out or looking like a zombie:
1. Forget about the early 2000s concealer-lips look. Instead of finding a flesh-toned colour that matches with your actual skin tone, try to find one that will synchronise with your natural lip colour and complements your skin tone. We are shopping for a lipstick here, not a foundation.
2. When wearing a very light/pale nude, peck a little of the lippie on your cheeks to create a monochromatic effect. Since your `blush’ is in the same colour with your lip shade, your lips will come across as less pale.
3. Still not sold? A little blush and bronzer never hurt nobody, especially when pairing up with that dash of nude lippie on your cheeks!

Do you like nude lips? And have you tried this range yet?


*Thanks Rimmel London AU for providing the product samples, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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