Malaysian Delights: PappaRich Broadway

IMG_20151008_004517You know how sometimes you overlook things that are most accessible to you? Like that time you were looking for your glasses while you were wearing them, or the other time you searched your entire house for the TV remote but of no avail even though it was sitting right next to you on the couch the whole time? PappaRich is exactly like that to me. I have visited their Broadway joint so many times but it has never struck me that I still haven’t written anything about it yet. So here’s the long overdue review on this popular Malaysian restaurant.

PappaRich is a Malaysian restaurant group started off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They opened their first Aussie outlet in Victoria, and gradually made their way up to New South Wales. The Broadway store is one of their five restaurants in NSW, and it is always pumping!

Starting with drinks, PappaRich offers quite a large non-alcoholic drink menu which is quite rare in Sydney. I started with the Iced Fresh Lemon Honey and Mr. D took the Iced Kopi (aka iced coffee). I did like how the Iced Fresh Lemon Honey tasted like real honey instead of sugary water. It was very refreshing for a hot day like the day we visited.

If there is one dish you have to try in a Malaysian restaurant, it will be roti. Roti Telur Bawang with Curry Chicken is Mr. D’s favourite at PappaRich. Light, fluffy, and warm roti with egg and red onion throughout it, what’s not to love? This housemade flat bread was the perfect medium for soaking up flavourful sauces, and was totally worth that extra 10-minute of wait.

Hainan Curry Chicken Chop with Rice is another staple of the restaurant’s menu. The deep-fried chicken was very tender and juicy. Coated it with some curry sauce and served it over chicken rice, fried egg and slices of cucumber, and you will get quite an impressive one-plate meal  for an adult.

I always love a good fish stock noodle soup (or any good noodle soup per se). So when I spotted this newbie Fish Fillet Noodles Soup on the menu, I knew I have to try it. The thin vermicelli noodles was served in a creamy fish stock and topped with fried fish fillet, silken tofu, tomato, preserved mustard, and Choy Sum. The fish fillet was surprisingly fresh, and the stock was fairly well-balanced. I will definitely go back for more of this.

Generous servings, reasonable prices, and tasty Malaysian treats, PappaRich is that kind of local restaurant you will frequent on lazy days for its convenience. Yet, I wish they will sit us in nicer tables in the future as we always have the worst luck with seating in this restaurant. 😛


PappaRich Broadway

Website /
Phone / (+61) 02 281 3228
Address / Shop 5, 185 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007


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