Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) and Links à la Mode

ifb homepageSometimes blogging can be quite a lonely process. It was lovely to meet all those talented ladies and gentlemen at the bloggers brunch in my last post. But for most of the times, I am a lone ranger in researching, developing blog post ideas, and writing. A while ago, I came across with an online community called Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) which intends to help fashion bloggers to share their experiences and creates resources for everyone to build a better blog.

So how do they do that? They do that by posting useful blogging articles and weekly community link round-ups as well as hosting blogger events, etc. From how to schedule social media posts to which carmera lens is the best for fashion blogging, to how to edit your photos with simple softwares and featuring a new member of the week…you name it, IFB will have it. It covers a lot of tips and topics about fashion blogging, and is a great way to find new blogs to read and follow.
ifb post

One of the many awesome features of IFB is called `Links à la Mode. It is a weekly round-up where bloggers submit their posts on IFB’s Facebook page for consideration. Each week, 20 posts are selected and shared on IFB’s website. The selected bloggers are also required to share these links in their blogs. The reason behind this section is to help drive traffic to the selected blogs.

Several days ago I have submitted my culotte styling post, and was lucky enough to get picked for this week Links à la Mode. I feel so excited to get acknowledged by my fellow bloggers, and I am more than happy to share these links here with you.

Links à la Mode, October 1

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Now, you are probably thinking about submitting your posts. And your next question would be whether the submission and sharing processes are complicated or not. The answer is NO. They even have the code for links-up ready for you each week! So do sign up and start submitting! 😉

What’s the most challenging part you have encountered in blogging? Leave me a line and let’s chat up!

(Photo Credit: IFB)


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