Rimmel London Brow This Way Collection Review

DSC07625If I only have five minutes to get ready in the morning, brow gel will be my second most important beauty product right after CC Cream. This was why I got so excited to learn about the newly launched Brow This Way Collection by Rimmel London.

To be honest, my brows are quite full to begin with. But I always use a brow gel to match the colours of my hair and brows. I also find a lighter colour brow help bringing out the eye makeup.

I was lucky enough to receive the Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit (Dark Brown #003) and two colours of the Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel for review. Here’s how my original eyebrows look like. As you can see, my brow colour is really black.

The brow sculpting kit comes with a wax and a setting powder. To create the right brow look, I use the wax to shape and fix my brows. Then I apply the setting powder to extend the end of my brows a little as well as filling in some sparse areas.

Now, the key is to use the tinted gel to change the colour and further define the brows. Below is my take with the colour Blonde #001. My brow colour did get a tad lighter but definitely not as light as `Blonde’. The gel gives my brows a very natural look though.

And here is my attempt with Medium Brown #002. As this is a darker hue, it made my brows look fuller than that of Blonde #001. For those who want to get fuller brows, I would recommend to get a slightly darker colour gel.

To sum up, I had great fun playing with these products. For RRP AUD $12.95 each, I’d say this new collection is a fairly good introduction to brow makeup novices, especially if you are into the natural brow look. 😉


*Thanks Rimmel London AU for providing the product samples, but the opinions is mine as always. 


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