Wood-Fire Pizza Goodness: Via Napoli Pizzeria, Surry Hills

IMG_20150924_014948If there is a dish I can eat every single day, it will be dumplings. For Mr. D? That will be dumplings AND pizza. So the other night, he was all excited to take me to Via Napoli’s newest joint in Surry Hills.

We particularly picked a Monday night for our visit, and thought we would be able to get a table in no time. As you can see from the picture below, we were proven wrong. The place was PACKED. If you are planning a visit, do ring ahead or expect a little wait.

When we first got into the restaurant, my eyes were drawn towards the huge wood-fire pizza oven. Nothing sounds better than a wood-fire pizza in a pizzeria! And with those one-meter and two-meter long pizza boards kept pumping out of the kitchen? That’s game on!

We started with the Prosciutto di Parma. It was a perfect dish for sharing. Cut a slice of that dreamy burrata ball and wrap it with that lean prosciutto, and you would have a delightful appetizer. I wouldn’t say it was the best salumi I have ever had. But given the extremely generous portion and its price, you definitely get great value out of it.

The star of the night was this half-meter pizza that came in two different toppings. We went with Via Napoli (Luigi Esposito’s fantasy pizza, which was eggplant and ricotta), and Quattro Salumi (San Marzano Tomato, Fior di Latte, ham, sausage, mild salami, hot salami and basil).

Be careful with the Quattro Salumi, the hot salami would really get you with its after taste. It was spicy yet delicious. Luckily, the sweetness in eggplant of the Via Napoli helped neutralising the fiery flavour. Combined with that charred, smoky, soft, and light texture of the dough, I could feel a big smile of content was spreading on my face.

Via Napoli carries the traditions of a great Italian pizzeria – really friendly staff, and big portions for sharing. The focus is on good pizzas. I am so ready to go back with more friends to take on the one-meter pizza and their gigantic entrée platter challenges! 😉


Via Napoli Pizzeria – Surry Hills

Website / www.vianapolipizzeria.com.au
Phone / (+61) 02 9428 3297
Address / 628 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


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