Go Fish: Kirribilli Seafoods

DSC07235As a couple who have been together for a long time, Mr. D and I have several suburbs we tend to frequent together on our days-off. So when he suggested us to do a little exploration in a different area, I gladly suggested Kirribilli – mainly because I have heard so many good things about Kirribilli Seafoods.

Kirribilli Seafoods is very easy to access as it is close to Milsons Point train station.  It is a small takeaway type of fish-and-chip joint with a few indoor and outdoor seating.

One thing really struck us was the cleanliness of this place. If you are in a seafood place and you can’t smell fish at all, that means the place is clean and their product is fresh. We most certainly couldn’t smell fish in Kirribilli Seafoods. The staff also washed his hands thoroughly before cooking our order after handling the cashier. It may sound like a little detail but from Mr. D’s perspective as a professional chef, it makes a world of difference to know people are conscious about what they are touching before they handle your food.
DSC07220 (2)

The place offers lots of fresh fish and seafood options. You can choose whatever fish available, and they will make it into a fish burger/roll or fish and chips for you. There were also some seafood platters and baskets on the menu but we stuck to our gut feelings and went for two different fish and chips.

Mr. D ordered the Battered Flathead with Chips. The Flathead fillet was perfectly fried that it was so crunchy and fresh! Well-seasoned fish plus crispy chips equals happy customers. 😉

I went with the Grilled Snapper with Chips. The snapper was grilled nicely with just the right amount of seasoning on it, perfect for those who prefer something a bit healthier. We are serious chip lovers but the portion of chips was so big that I couldn’t even finish mine.

We were happy with what we got from Kirribilli Seafoods but it would be much better if they were serving nicer sauces instead of those really generic ones you would get from a 7-Eleven meat pie. After all, the sauces were not complimentary, and were priced at 30 cents for a small one. They could do much better than these as a nice local fish-and-chip shop.


Kirribilli Seafoods

Website / www.kirribilliseafoods.com.au
Phone / (+61) 02 9929 4680
Address / 2/12 Fitzroy St, Kirribilli NSW 2061


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12 thoughts on “Go Fish: Kirribilli Seafoods

  1. Thank you so much Yvonne for the visit to our shop and the blog post!!! I’m the owner of the shop. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the ‘new suburb’ and hope you and Mr will visit us again on your days off.. 😀 Sorry to hear that you missed our homemade tartare and garlic aioli sauces that are stored in the drink fridge as they are very popular with our customers – but hey, it’s probably another good reason to come back again sometimes soon so you can taste them 😜 When you do, please say hello to us so we can put face to the name/blog post 😀😀

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    • Thank you for stopping by, Hendra! We will definitely be back for your homemade sauces! Thanks so much for sharing my post on your Instagram! 🙂

      Have a lovely Sunday!



  2. The food and natural lighting is really something! I would like to try out the fish and chips if I get the chance 🙂 I can’t wait to go to Australia actually. I’ve heard so many great stuff about this country: the culture, the natural landscape, the cities ❤ It's one of my dreams to visit this land.

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