Make a Case: These Android Phone Cases Won’t Bore You to Death

IMG_20150910_023809I am all about trying the next beauty products in town or shopping with different fashion labels. But when it comes to tech gadgets, my loyalty stays with Sony. I have a Sony tablet, Sony cameras, and I always go back to Sony for smartphones. Yes, I’m proud to say I am a Sony girl. However, we fellow non-iPhone users always get shied away by all those pretty iPhone cases in the market. Forget about the boring solid rubber covers. Here are some retailers who do gorgeous cases for both iPhones and Andrioid phones. Start browsing and grab yourself one (or more) to fall in love once again with your phone!

I came across with Head Case Designs right after I got my Sony Xperia Z3 last December. Head Case is a UK-based company, and offers over 7,000 different designs. I spent several hours on browsing phone cases the first time I went on their website. I have never seen so many cute options for Andrioid phones before. They even do cases for Blackberry and Microsoft phones! I was in a phone case heaven!

Head Case offers six different case styles. And the best part? Free shipping worldwide. So even though they only had one case style for Z3 back then, I still couldn’t help myself to order three cases in one go.

The case style I got is called `Go Lite – Sleek Hard Shell Protection’, aka transparent hard plastic case. And all the three cases I got are priced at AUD $9.45 each (they do soft gel cases for Z3 for the same price now). Packaging-wise, there wasn’t much protection for the cases with those simple paper boxes but they all came intact to me. I received them in less than a week after placing my order, so delivery speed is definitely a plus.

For those who have been reading my blog, you’ve probably seen this Kitten case quite a bit. This is because I’ve been using it non-stop since the day I got it!

As you can see, the Sleek Hard Shell only covers the two sides of the phone. Yet, it is much more durable than I have expected. I have quite a few hard plastic cases before and they all tend to break very easily, especially those parts close to the device ports. This one from Head Case is very sleek. It fits your phone well but still easy enough to remove. The print is highly scratch resistant. I have been using it for over 8 months now, and you can’t even see a scratch on it.

I love how cool this Wolf looks, and the mono-tone just makes it even more bad-ass.

This cute Squirrel is from their Animals in Fashion collection. The details in the print are just impeccable!

After 8 months with my kitten case, I have decided it’s time to change things up. I spotted some beautiful marble print cases for iPhones online. So I started my quest for similar Z3 options, and this was how I crossed path with UNIQstyle.

UNIQstyle is based in Hong Kong. It has less designs and a much shorter compatible device list than Head Case. Shipping cost to Australia is USD $5.99, and it takes about two weeks.

UNIQstyle offers two types of cases, namely hard plastic case (in black or transparent) and soft rubber TPU case (in black or white). The one I got is a soft rubber TPU case in white with Marble print style 1. It is priced at USD $9.99.

The case came in a cute zip lock bag. However, the logo on the zip lock bag says `Cases by Lorraine’ instead of UNIQstyle. There were also a plastic screen guard and a 10% off coupon included in the zip lock bag.

The marble pattern is printed on the case, which gives the case a very nice matte finish. I love how the case covers all four sides of the phone and the openings fit the device ports perfectly. This is my personal favourite at the moment!

I googled `Cases by Lorraine’ because of that zip lock bag from UNIQstyle. It is a retailer that sells on both Etsy and its own website. Shipping cost to Australia is USD $5.99.

I have never bought from them before but I am very interested in their texture collection and personalised cases like these two:
Black Marble Print Phone Case

Marble Print Personalised Name Phone Case

How do you style your phone? Do you use a phone case? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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