Tasty Pho Alert: Tre Viet Restaurant, Newtown

PhotoGrid_1441205360035Hey guys! Hope all is well with your week so far! For those fashionistas in Sydney, I know you will probably be heading to the CBD tonight for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. But what about getting a quick bite at Newtown before your shopping spree? Click ahead, and settle that grumble in your stomach with some wallet-friendly Vietnamese tasties. Save the extra cash for those trendy finds on sale tonight – seriously!

I have passed by Tre Viet for roughly a million times in the last 4.5 years but I have never made a stop to try it. The main reason is very simple – Mr. D is not a big fan of Vietnamese food. Luckily, a friend of mine has recently relocated to Sydney. And of course, I dragged her into the restaurant for some quality “girl time”. That’s why we have girlfriends, aka food buddies, right? 😛

We girls ordered the Spring Rolls (AUD $10.50) to start with. These deep fried spring rolls were in a smaller size, and they were filled with minced prawns, pork and veggies. We found them to be fresh and crunchy. The flavour came across quite light which was great for an appetiser.

I am a noodle girl, and to be exact, I am a noodle soup girl. Anything soup-y and noodle-y, I am in! The main reason I went to Tre Viet was to try their Beef Pho (AUD $12.50). It was served with both thinly sliced cooked beef and raw beef in a big bowl of golden colour broth. The broth was flavourful but not too salty, and the beef was fairly juicy and tender. I like how they served the lemon wedge, Thai basil and bean sprouts in a separate basket, giving the customers more room to play with their own noodles.

Look how yummy it looked!DSC_0464 (2)

My friend went for the Vermicelli Salad with Charcoal Grilled Pork (AUD $12.50). I haven’t tried it but it was tasty and nicely portioned according to her. The pork did look pretty good, didn’t it?

I’d say Tre Viet is a decent place for budget-friendly Vietnamese treats but nothing too overwhelmed. If you are in the area and long for some pho or comfort food, go for it!


Tre Viet Restaurant

Website / www.trevietrestaurant.com.au
Phone / (+61) 2 9516 5500
Address / 152-154 King St, Newtown NSW 2042


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