Three Lipsticks I Can’t Live Without

DSC06873When I was in my early 20s, I was all about lip glosses. Lipsticks just sounded like something mum would wear (sorry, Mum!). But I have gradually eased into the lipstick world a couple years ago, and became a lipstick kinda girl. Thanks to my work, I have always been surrounded by lovely beauty junkies and exposed to gorgeous products. Ahead are three lipsticks I swear by after millions of trials and errors.

The three lipsticks I picked are in very different shades but equally radiant. From rosy hue to classic brick red, there’s something to cover my everyday sartorial need and I never left home without at least one of them.

The three lippies are:
Top – Bobbi Brown Lip Colour – Sandwash Tulle
Middle – shu uemura Rouge Unlimited – Bright Orange
Bottom – Tom Ford Lip Colour – Reckless

Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Sandwash Tulle

Bobbi Brown’s Sandwash Tulle is a soft natural pink. It comes in the famous Bobbi Brown semi-matte lipstick formula which easily glides on your lips and gives them a creamy full-coverage. The soft pink tone together with its semi-matte finish makes it my ultimate weapon for a natural beauty look. It is perfect for day-to-day use.

shu uemura Rouge Unlimited – Bright Orange

I know orange may not be THE lip colour of the season but I just can’t help myself talking about it! Not as subtle as the rosy/beige family but not as typical as your classic red, orange is a stunning lip colour that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves! I am a big fan of orange lippies and have tried and curated quite a few from different brands. This one from shu uemura is my go-to among them all.

You can see from the swatch above that Bright Orange gives the dewiest finish. With one layer, you will get a sheer hue that falls somewhere between orange and coral; with two layers, you will get the energetic bright orange lips of the dream! The Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter in the formula also keep your lips smooth and moisturised all day.

Tom Ford Lip Colour – Reckless

I felt head-over-heels for this lipstick the first time I put it on. I have never anticipated falling in love with the brick-red look but I did! Not only is it a great alternative to regular red lippies, but it also glams up any outfit in a second. Yes, it is on the pricier side, but it’s worth every single penny.

I understand it’s from a limited edition a couple years ago but you should get it into your shopping cart immediately if you can find it somewhere online. This pretty colour will compliment a myriad of skin tones even with very minimal face and eye make-up.

Here are my three favourite lippies. What’s yours?


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17 thoughts on “Three Lipsticks I Can’t Live Without

    • Thanks Gemma. I go for the orange one when I want to wear something fun but not as into your face as the brick-red one. It is of great quality! I have a couple shu uemura lipsticks and they are all very moisturising. You should check them out. 😉


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