The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Shower Gel and Body Cream Review

DSC06659When I was in the mall shopping for a new body moisturiser several weeks ago, a huge poster at The Body Shop has caught my eyes. It said `Italian Summer Fig’. And before I knew what it was about, my legs have already started running on their own.

As the newly launched collection, the Italian Summer Fig products were lined up at the entrance of the store. There was no way you could miss it. And the collection itself? Black and white damask print packaging, check. Smells like fig, check. Reasonably priced, check.  I walked out with the body cream in less than three minutes, and went back for the shower gel within a week.

Umm, where should I start? It smells fresh, it smells green, and it smells delicious! The figs used in the line were hand-selected in the Italian coast. I could almost feel the sun-soaked Southern Italian coast in the air with that lovely figgy scent from my shower gel and body cream. Ok, I am day-dreaming about hot summer days in the last week of Aussie winter. But can’t a girl dream?

The shower gel (AUD $15.95) is soap-free, which is always a plus for those who have sensitive skins.

I love layering it with the body cream (AUD $25.95) after shower to build on that sweet yet woody fragrance. Needless to say, the key ingredient, community fair trade Shea Butter, makes this body cream very rich and moisturising. Massaging it into your skin, and you will be very happy with that supple touch and healthy glow on your legs.

There are several brands I always go back to when I am looking for bath and body care products. The Body Shop is one of them. Usually I go to the brand for fruity scent body butters and shower gels. But deep down in my heart, I am always a woody scent girl and I love FIGS! This collection carries a much more subtle scent compared to a lot of the other Body Shop products, perfect for ladies who want to smell yummy without feeling like getting stuck in a tub of strawberry jam all day. To me, this new line is a real winner.
IMG_20150824_131324 (2)

Have you tried this collection yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


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