Instagram Sensation: Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery, Erskineville

IMG_20150816_121244 (2)Hello everyone! Some of you have probably been sick of seeing these Nutella doughnut ball milkshakes in your social media feeds. I have also posted it on my Instagram but wanted to do a more detailed review. So, click ahead, and let’s chow down! 😉

I went to Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery with a friend last Sunday. Like everyone else, we were there for the famous `Tella Ball Shake’ and were in awe of the huge line out of the café! We’ve decided to wait for a table and were told it would be a 40-minute wait. But luckily, we got seated within 20 minutes. If you want to beat the crowd at Foodcraft during weekends, try waiting for a table instead of ordering takeaway – it’s a much shorter queue.

Inside of their busy open kitchen, we could see tubs of Nutella on the front shelf, making us all excited for the Internet sensation to come to our table.

There it is – a sugar-coated doughnut globe filled with Nutella goodness impaling atop a glorious looking milkshake. Oh, and have I mentioned, it was a Nutella shake? The shake was served in a big mason jar, and I could definitely feel the sugar rush after my first few sips of it.
DSC_0421 (2)

The giant Tella Ball was delicious, and therefore, required quite a few napkins to tackle. So if you are messy eaters like me, please don’t make it your first date. As much as I love Nutella, the Tella Ball Shake was just a tad too rich for me to finish. But for $10, it’s definitely the ultimate treat to satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

We under-estimated the Tella Ball Shake, and both foolishly ordered a savoury breakfast. Mine was the Chilli Chicken Panini with Chips. And again, the portion was very generous! The panini wasn’t as sensational – let down by the dry chicken fillet, but the dressing was tasty. Chips were not crunchy enough.  So I would probably stick to the sweet treats on my next visit. Until then, I shall always remember the little food coma I got from the devilish yet yummy Tella Ball Shake.
DSC_0424 (2)

Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery

Phone / (+61) 2 8971 8817
Address / 33 Bridge St, Erskineville NSW 2043

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