How to Transition Your Summer Staples into Fall

DSC05470Time flies! One second, we are celebrating the beginning of a new year; and the next, it is already the end of March! For those who are in Australia, can you believe autumn is already here? I always find this transitional period very difficult to figure out. Tank tops? Too cold. Jackets? Too hot. ย Ahead is how I fight this tricky season with items I have curated over the past couple months.

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Blazer Dress: From Desk to Cocktails

DSC05233 (2)As life is quite busy these days, I rely heavily on pieces that can take me from desk to cocktails to shorten my morning routine. A couple days ago, I needed to see a client for a quick coffee meeting in the afternoon and attended a cocktail party for work afterwards. Knowing that I would be surrounded by a lot of people from the fashion industry in the party, I wanted to wear something that would make me feel chic yet powerful.

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Into the 60s: High Neck Top and Print Shorts

DSC05087 (2)I always love a good mix of old and new items. A close friend of mine was in town a week ago, and we girls had a crazy yet lovely shopping spree. When I was trying the newbies at home, I realised how my newly acquired top and shorts form a cute retro summery combo. So I went with the flow, and threw in other items to build a 60s vibe outfit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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