Bavarian Bier Café Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

PhotoGrid_1421581576426To be honest, I don’t usually eat at Entertainment Quarter. But the other night Mr. D and I were there to see Hobbit 3, so we decided to get some dinner before the movie. We got there at around 6ish, which is really early for Entertainment Quarter during the week. And Bavarian Bier Café was actually one of the busier restaurants that night.

Bavarian Bier Café is a German restaurant chain. Just from the menu you can tell it’s all about beer, burgers, schnitzel, and sausages. And putting those big comfy seats into the equation? You won’t expect anything else but a hearty yummy meal!

Mr. D is a beer lover, and started with this 0.5L Lowenbrau Original. Nothing is better than a big mug of frosty German beer, especially on a day off. Germans undoubtedly make some of the best beer on the world, and this one has a classic German flavour – a bit malty but well balanced, truly worthy of the name “Original”.

The Haus-Made Bavarian Pretzel with Butter (AUD $4.50) was soft and savoury. I am not a big fan of pretzels in general, but I did love this warm and fluffy goodness.

I settled on the Big Schulz Burger (AUD $18), which came with a medium cooked char-grilled Wagyu Beef patty, charred bacon, cheddar, an egg, glace onions, served with BBQ sauce. The burger was HUGE! The patty was thick and juicy. But the glace onions, BBQ sauce and brioche together made the burger a bit too sweet to my liking. All their burgers are served with hand-cut chips, which helps balance it out the sweetness of the burger in my case.

Mr. D ordered the Char-Grilled Nurnberger (AUD $20). It was handmade mini pure pork sizzlers served with creamy mash potato, Sauerkraut and Bier Jus. The sausages were quite flavourful, and the Sauerkraut wasn’t too sour and complemented the sausages nicely.


Bavarian Bier Café Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

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Phone / (+61) 2 9361 3833
Address / 212 Bent St, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia


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