Ippudo Central Park, Sydney

PhotoGrid_1420788233795Happy Friday everyone! After a couple weeks of non-stop feasting (and roughly a week of cleansing), does anyone feel the craving for Asian food like I do? This is why I remember my first visit to Ippudo Central Park a while ago before Christmas now.

Ippudo is a very famous Japanese ramen chain with branches all over the world. It was founded in Hakata, Japan in 1985. And it has opened its door in Sydney since 2012. But for some reason, it never came to my mind that I should try it in Sydney or in Hong Kong.

One night in December, Mr. D and I finally made our way to Central Park for a little ramen quest. The Central Park store is Ippudo’s second store in Sydney. The store is quite spacious and its décor somehow reminds me of Din Tai Fung!

We started with some Iced Green Tea. It was fairly standard.

Then we ordered the Ippudo Gyoza  (10pcs) as entrée. The dumplings were quite juicy but I would like them to be a bit plumper.

I ordered the seasonal special Bonito Modern with seaweed recommended by the waiter, and I was not disappointed.

The pork broth and bonito stock combined to give a very delightful flavour and the seaweed complimented the sweetness of the bonito stock very well. To me, the soup is really important for ramen. And I am happy this one came with just the right amount of saltiness I was looking for.

Mr. D, on the other hand, didn’t have much luck with his Akamaru Tamago. The soup was Ippudo’s signature tonkotsu broth with a blend of red miso and garlic oil. He commented the soup was rich and flavourful, but both the pork belly and boiled egg were cold.

Nevertheless, it was nice that our waiter asked us how we would like our noodles cooked, which I think is a great gesture to accommodate each customer’s preferred texture of ramen.


Ippudo Central Park

Website / www.ippudo.com.au
Address / Central at Central Park, RB07 (Lower Ground), 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia


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