2014 Raffles Graduate Fashion Show and Exhibition

PhotoGrid_1419350943465Happy Christmas Eve! Before stuffing myself with too much turkey and Champagne, I want to start part of my pre-New Year resolution with this post – update my blog in a more timely manner.

In the past couple years, I have attended quite a few fashion shows but I seldom blogged about them. The reasons are very simple: a) I am too lazy; and b) I am too lazy! It is a labour of love to go through thousands and thousands of pictures. I tended to write about the shows at work and then put my SD card aside, telling myself I will blog about them one day (which most of the time I wouldn’t). I attended the Raffles Graduate Fashion Show two weeks ago. It was such a good show, and I thought it’d be a good start to break this bad habit by sharing some of my favourite designs here with you.

The show was held in conjunction with the Graduate Exhibition at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park Big Top. As I got there a bit early, I had some time to see the exhibition before the runway show. Below are some lovely work created by Raffles’ students of Graphic Design and Fashion Marketing:

I felt in love with these marble heeled shoes the second I saw them! They are so gorgeous!

Also love the texture of this lipstick case.

And look how pretty these paint tins are!

Going back to the show…I was truly amazed by how talented these graduate designers are. I couldn’t help myself but kept making mental notes in the hope that I might come across with some of these stunning designs in store soon!

The show opened with Queency Yustiawan’s collection, and it was definitely one of my favourites. Love the colour combos and the clean lines of the silhouettes.

Leah Williams’ work are very now.

Jennyfer Alonzo’s designs are futuristic and fun.

Shirley, Chu ying Lin was on top of my list too! Her use of colours and patterns just tick all the boxes for me.

Model Ya Ya from The Face was walking for one of the graduates, Josephine Tuna. She is stunning in person!

Love all the intricate details in Shannon Gambino’s designs.

Cass, Thi Kim Anh Le’s menswear are refreshing.

This green metallic number by Katrina Chao Qun Yan is very cute.

Gemma Saccassan is a 50-year-old grandma, and her beautiful collection shows that age is no barrier for creativity and fashion. I truly admire her vision in creating garments to cater the sartorial needs of older ladies.

Also adore Lily Purkiss’ use of sheerness with delicate embroidery, making her designs flirty yet elegant.

Overall, the show was very successful and I expect to see some of these beautiful pieces hanging on the shelves of boutiques real soon.


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10 thoughts on “2014 Raffles Graduate Fashion Show and Exhibition

    • I can’t wait to see these students get to sell their collections in boutiques and department stores. They are going to do great!
      The dress you like was from Gemma, who is a 50-year-old grandma. She proves that age is not a limitation for fashion and creativity! 🙂


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