A Saturday Afternoon at Rogue Café

PhotoGrid_1418541189438As a matter of fact, I have already been to Essenza Italian a few times and I am always happy with what I get from them. That’s why I got so excited about their new venture – Rogue Café, and decided to make it a special event last Saturday.

Rogue Café is located at the backyard of Essenza, which reminds me of those back alley cafés in Paris.

I can’t help myself being drawn to all those rustic décor handpicked by the restaurant. I always love the idea of preserving old and historical items by putting them into good use. If you are a secret fan of “American Pickers” like me, you will definitely love this 60-70s European vibe in Rogue.

“The Garage” is a more covered area with great ventilation. Perfect for a hot summer day.

The cute pastry window just makes me so hungry!

Moving back to the food, I started my Saturday afternoon with a refreshing watermelon juice with mint. Sipping through this pretty looking juice gave me a taste of summer but I would love it to be a tad more minty.

For weekends, I am all about brunch. This smoked ocean trout is so fresh and unbelievable delish. And with the running egg yolk of the poached egg on the kale salad with a zest of lemon? OMG, it’s just pure indulgence!

And oh, that sweet potato cake just adds the right crunchy texture and a bit of naughtiness to this otherwise very healthy brunch. Don’t forget to dip that tasty toast with the sauce or try it with the housemade tomato sauce.
DSC03528 (2)DSC03517

I also tried their hot chips with housemade ranch. The sweet and chilli flavours simply fulfil all your savoury requirements in each bite. It is always a plus to have crunchy but not too oily chips! Score!

There’s something very comforting about Rogue Café. And there is no doubt I will make my way back there some time soon!


Rogue Café (Essenza Italian)

Phone / (+61) 2 9698 8907
Address / 560 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia


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