5 Day Summer Workwear Challenge

PhotoGrid_1416731423079Happy Tuesday! For today’s post, I would like to share my work attires from last week. Given I work in the PR industry, I do have a bit more freedom in playing with my outfits (You can guess it’s not the corporate or finance side of PR…). But some of the tricks still apply to the general dressing rules of office ladies, and hopefully they might be of a little help to you on a lazy day.

Black and white is probably the most classic office combo, and a neutral colour bag will carry you a long way. If you are more conservative in dressing, choose something more structural to bring a flair to these basic colour items. Play it up further with your accessories to add a pop of colour to the monotone outfit. Be it a slim bracelet or be it your nail colour (as long as it complies with the dress code at your work), it is going to make your outfit more interesting.

I can’t stress enough how much I love peplum tops. It hides your tum tum and creates an hourglass effect, making it the perfect partner to all pencil skirts. My skirt here could be a bit too short for a lot of offices but swap it with something longer or even a pair of skinny pants, you will look sharp and clean for work.

Sometimes I find wearing bright and colourful prints to work make me more energetic. I paired this chilli print skirt with a black top to tone it down a little. For the rest of the outfit, I picked items that share similar colours in the chilli print, for example blue flats and orange lippie. These colours can all be found in the print of the skirt.

I love “borrowed from the boys” items. This mesh waistcoat is one my favourite finds recently. Waistcoats are a big hit this season, and I absolutely adore the fabric choice of this one. I buttoned it all up to turn it into a “dress” or you can wear it as a sleeveless jacket. It is too “meshy” to wear alone, but it can create so many different styles when wearing with different under layers.

We had a heat wave last Friday in Sydney. The temperature went up to 38C during daytime! For a casual and scorching hot Friday, I wanted to wear something more summery.  A light neon yellow lace top with a white skater skirt definitely look weather appropriate for that day.

Thanks so much for reading, and please feel free to share with me your workwear secrets.


What Did I Wear

Top / Boohoo
Skirt / Keepsake
Heels / Rebecca Minkoff
Bag / Rebecca Minkoff
Watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelets / Fitbit Flex, Mantraband
Nail Colour/ O.P.I NL B88 “In My Back Pocket”


Top / Bought in Hong Kong
Skirt / G-market
Booties / SENSO
Necklace / Weekday
Watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelets / Fitbit Flex, Mantraband


Top / ASOS Petite
Skirt / Cameo
Flats / ZARA
Watch / Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelets / Fitbit Flex, Mantraband
Ring / H&M Studio


Dress / AKIN by Ginger & Smart
Waistcoat / Portmans
Flats / Portmans
Watch / Adidas Originals
Bracelets / Fitbit Flex, Mantraband


Top / Zeitgeist
Skirt / H&M
Booties / SENSO
Necklace / AnChus
Watch / Adidas Originals
Bracelets / Fitbit Flex, Mantraband


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10 thoughts on “5 Day Summer Workwear Challenge

    • 最初我買這條裙子的時候,還在想會不會有點太OVER
      所以我超贊成Jess也來一條這樣的 😛


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